• The Oil & Acne Control Facial Cleanser was specifically engineered to fight acne at the highest level. Filled with ingredients like Dragon's Blood and Sebustop, it doesn't matter how dirty you get because we've got your face covered.

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  • From the Brave and Daring Laboratory comes the perfect weapon to fight those hot days and oily skin. The Deep Cleansing Facial Cleanser is chalked full of ingredients to help boost skin hydration and recovery.

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  • Whenever your Mondays are bringing you down or stressing out just remember, Chill. It's only Monday. Grab a Cooling Shampoo today and be sure to chill! #badlab
  • Spending too much time in the shower? If you haven't yet already, check out our Bad Lab Video (Link in bio) guaranteed to make you reconsider how you spend your showers. #badlab
  • Sun, rain, snow, or sweat, the Damage Limitation Kit is the perfect tool to deal with any environment. It's main function; to scrub away the dirt and debris to leave you looking killer. Pick up your Damage Limitation Kit today! #badlab
  • Put down that lavender scented shampoo and take back the shower with Bad Lab's complete range of personal care products designed for the unconventional man. 
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  • Embrace the bad and enter the wild. Bad Lab's personal care range is man-gineered for the unconventional man, one who does not follow the rules. Check out the full range today! (Link in bio)
  • It's an unknown rule that hair contact always comes before eye contact so there's no shame in taking your hair style seriously. Our Water-Based Pomade is now available in 80g making it bigger, badder, and slicker than before. 
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