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Caveman Wisdom: Make Love, Not War.

With the current raging war among the apes, #BadLab 's friendly chimp wants to give your skin some loving. 
Check out his iconic Dirty Deeds Facial Scrub for the right friction every man needs.
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Caveman Wisdom: Keep your friends close.. and your deodorant closer. 
Caveman guarantees you that one day, it'll come in handy. Because smelling bad ain't cool unless it's the #badlab way.

Get yours today from
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We all know where the dirty things are... Get the dirt off your face and refresh your skin in the shower with #BadLab Baby-Faced Assassin, designed to power cleanse and recharge your manliness.
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Rejuvenate your inner beast with #BadLab 's very own Lean Mean Machine Body Sculpting Shower Gel.
  • Caveman Wisdom: You can never be too old to be a little bad. 
#BadLab would like to wish all the dads out there a Happy Father’s Day.
  • The Oil & Acne Control Facial Cleanser was specifically engineered to fight acne at the highest level. Filled with ingredients like Dragon's Blood and Sebustop, it doesn't matter how dirty you get because we've got your face covered.

Be sure to visit our website to find out more!
  • From the Brave and Daring Laboratory comes the perfect weapon to fight those hot days and oily skin. The Deep Cleansing Facial Cleanser is chalked full of ingredients to help boost skin hydration and recovery.

Visit our website to find out more (Link in Bio).
  • Whenever your Mondays are bringing you down or stressing out just remember, Chill. It's only Monday. Grab a Cooling Shampoo today and be sure to chill! #badlab
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